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Web Hosting
Let GNTS host your site on its Multi-homed, high speed Internet backbone. With 99.9% network uptime frequency, your site will always be online and available.

GNTS can register your Domain with INTERNIC or request Domain transfers. Clients receive free immediate setup.

GNTS also offers unlimited web traffic, detailed traffic statistics and Multiple POP3 (email) accounts. 

Web Design Services
A Primary GNTS business is the production of high quality web design services for a variety of clients interested in marketing their business on the world wide web. 

GNTS uses state of the are imaging software  to achieve dynamic results with Digital or Scanned Images, Original Graphics and Custom artwork.

Web sites by GNTS are created on a one-on-one basis to reflect the management style, aims and the company vision of our clients.
On larger sites, the GNTS team works with your management or project team to achieve stunning results.

Our philosophy is simple.  Our customers deserve prompt and quality service, but they need not pay a premium to get it.

Some Words of  Wisdom
With advances in software just about any high school kid can use a "design wizard" to create a website, but do you really want that for your  site? Likewise,  ISP's (Internet Service Providers) are in the business of providing access to the internet. All other services offered by  ISP's is secondary. While your ISP may be interested in designing and hosting a web site, they have no interest in maintaining or marketing your site. We do. 

GNTS can provide simple html, javascript, simple animation's or custom graphics to make your web site shine. 

Website Management
The really good web sites aren't created, they evolve. Likewise, its essential for your website to be kept up-to-date.

Professional website management provides your site with dynamic content and the use of fresh data and information. Links from your site need to be periodically checked and validated. 

Visitors look at dates when they visit site, and there is no bigger turn-off that something that reads "last updated October 1996". Here and now are what customers want to see.

The need for good web site management is especially true for product orientated business where pricing and availability are subject to change. 

Our hosting plan includes basic Website Management services, including site monitoring, link validation, search engine registrations and indexing. 

You supply the content and GNTS will work with you to keep you site fresh and interesting for visitors. 

Internet Marketing
Establishing a presence on the Internet is an investment in the future. Unfortunately with over 90,000 web sites being registered with the major search engines each day, a simple presence is not enough.

Have you ever wondered why a list of businesses or specific topics come up on the first page list after you've made a search using Yahoo, Webcrawler or Altavista? Its not by chance. Aggressive companies on the internet work hard using a litany of tricks and tools to get on the first page of a search dealing with a product or service they provide. 

Some unscrupulous businesses even trick the search engines into listing them on the first page of a search even though they sell an unrelated product. 

As in the real world , your location on the internet means the difference between making money and closing up shop. Being registered with a search engine will not add to your bottom line if your business is listed on page 47 of 340 sites.  For any specific search, it's unlikely that a customer will ever browse beyond page 3 (top 100 sites).

GNTS has the skills and know how to get you into the top 100. 

We also have the tools available to keep you there! In addition to search engines, there are a number of other marketing tools that we can use to increase traffic and $$$ coming to your site. 

Quality and Service are the fundamental building blocks of a good business - you shouldn't have to pay a premium for either. 

GNTS will custom build a web based marketing to suit your needs, aspirations and pocketbook.

Brand Development
Online Brand development is an essential tool to procure new clients, retain customers and to establish loyalties. 

Although online branding is similar to that used in the bricks and mortar world, there are substantial differences. Firstly, there are no billboards on the information superhighway, just your monitor. How you use this small screen to get your message across is critical.

Secondly, unlike television, the computer and particularly the internet is an engaging medium, that is the user tends to sit forward and interact with his/her environment. To be effective online, your site has to entertain and engage visitors.

The big online players like Disney, Microsoft and CNN all use their presence to reinforce the perception that consumers already have of them.

Image or appearance .... it really can "be everything", at least when it comes to new customers looking for what you offer. The question is, does your site reinforce your image? Is it neutral or will it turn clients off?

GNTS has the skills to develop you Brand online. Your website and all other ventures on the internet should clearly reflect your business acumen and values. We can help.

GNTS has e-commerce solutions to fit your needs and budget. Whether your have a catalog of products or wish to market and distribute a single item online.

GNTS offers a secure server for your customers to shop and purchase your goods online,  in a user friendly environment.

We can create custom interfaces to reflect your 'bricks and mortar' store front or we can setup up readily available shopping interfaces online. The choice is yours. The service, what you would expect...quality without a high price tag.

Custom Graphics
High Quality Graphics are a GNTS specialty. Using powerful imaging and graphics tools like Adobe Photoshop, Photodeluxe, Illustrator, and Kai's Power Goo Imaging to achieve dynamic results with Digital or Scanned Images, Original Graphics and Custom artwork.

We also know that to be effective, images on the net have to be detailed, aesthetic and above all ...... fast loading.

GNTS can bring your brand, trademark and corporate icons to life. We also have the ablitity to alter/restore orginal photo prints and digital images.

Seeing is believing, here are some samples of our work.
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Internet Business Development and Planning
Regardless of whether you are new to the internet or have had a web presence online for sometime, a internet business plan is well worth the effort.

Far too many companies have rushed to the internet without taking the time to apply some standard business planning principles first. These sites are usually small in size and are rarely updated.

GNTS has the skills and knowledge to develop a  tailor made business plan that will set identify online clients, set sales targets, identify costs and forecast revenue

Tips on creating an effective Internet Business Plan include:
Executive Summary: 
This section must concisely communicate the basics of your entire business plan. Keep in mind that your reader may be unfamiliar with the Internet and its tremendous potential. 
Business Description: 
In this section discuss your firm's product or service along with information about the industry. Because your business plan revolves around the Internet, spend some time explaining it first. 

Then describe how your product and the Internet fit together or complement each other. As with any business plan, consider your audience. If the readers are technically unsophisticated, make sure you include definitions along with any technological terminology.

Marketing Plan:
With the business described, next you must discuss your target market, identify competitors, describe product advertising, explain product pricing, and discuss delivery and payment mechanisms. 
Operations, Manufacturing & Management: 
How will your operations and manufacturing be impacted through online sales? How will you deliver goods bought online at your site? 

Who will follow up on sales, inquiries or leads?

What are the risks involved in doing business on the internet (i.e... cost overruns, unexpected entry of competitors, fraud) 

Other risks might include computer viruses, hacker intrusions, and unfavorable new policies or legislation. 
Financial Analysis:
As in a regular business plan, include all pertinent financial statements. Remember to highlight the lower cost associated with operating on the Internet compared to conventional business site costs.
Detail the steps it will take to make your proposal a reality. When developing this schedule, it might be helpful to talk to other Internet businesses to get an idea of how long their Internet presence's took to establish. 

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